terça-feira, 17 de setembro de 2013

How To Temporarily Disable Gaia's Bash Time Out

For Check Point system administrators used to SecurePlatform way to disable bash time out, Gaia sometimes can be tricky. Just because the 'idle' command simply does not exist in Gaia's bash.

To temporarily disable the bash's time-out in Gaia you basically unset the environment variable responsible for this function using the command 'unset' (see image below).

Note in the screenshot below that the default timeout is 600 seconds or 10 minutes.

This procedure is recommended during troubleshooting sessions and / or data collection for debug purposes where it's undesirable that the shell kicks you off.

From the practical point of view it is also possible to configure Gaia so that variable is never set, disabling completely the automatic log off feature. Although from the security point of view this is highly not recommended.

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